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June 24, 2013

Add style to function outside

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The latest choices in outdoor lighting add a lot of style to function. They can really enhance the appearance of your home and yard at night while also making outdoor living more enjoyable on summer evenings, or helping to improve home safety and security.

They can help you save on your power bill too. Many outdoor lighting products now use LED lights or solar power, or both, says Mike Drysdale, sports and seasonal manager at Canadian Tire on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

String lights with LED lights that run on solar power have become popular for patios and decks, where they eliminate the need for extension cords. To add glamour to backyard living, you even can get a solar-powered gazebo chandelier with LED lights. “You can put a solar panel up through the top of your gazebo and have this hanging inside, like a three-light traditional chandelier that you would find in a home,” says Drysdale.

A wide range of pathway marker lights also combine LED lights with solar power.

“The LED lights draw very little power, and that is why they are so popular with solar. They will last a long time with the charges that they get through the day.”

For railings or fence posts, there are solar-powered post cap lights with LED bulbs. They can help provide some lighting around a porch, deck or yard while also looking attractive both day and night.

“You can get them in a brass or copper finish, or with a black finish,” says Drysdale. “Some have panels that are frosted, so it would give you a nice warm glow. Or, you can get some that are clear, so the light will shine through a little better.”

There is a wide variety of solar-powered garden lighting. Some products can add decorative touches to your garden or lawn during the day and then touches of colour, such as blue or green, when they light up at night.

“We have solar animals that have become really popular this year, such as squirrels, frogs, butterflies, dogs and cats. There is a tin shape over top a globe that has a light and solar panel within it. It will charge up through the day and then it will glow at night. You will see the colour coming through the shape.”

If you bring your solar-powered lighting indoors at the end of the season, he suggests removing the batteries to put less strain on them.

Most of the outdoor security lighting still is electrical, and some people may prefer basic floodlights with motion sensors for areas where a lot of light is desired — perhaps a backyard or driveway. But you also can find outdoor security lighting that combines decorative styles with motion sensors, and these products can look really attractive even at a front door entrance.

“For example, there is a traditional coach light with a motion sensor, and another one almost looks like the old gas lanterns that you would find outside a house. They come in a range of colours and styles, and different glass patterns. Some are frosted, some are not. There are so many options.” Read the full story at web.

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