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August 13, 2013

In other “RHONJ” doings

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There are some things I wish I could forget ever having seen. One of them was the two patches of flesh (and some underlying fat) that a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon removed from Jacqueline Laurita’s tummy, glimpsed in Sunday night’s episode. One hunk of the trimmed belly fat even sported a heart tattoo. If you were zipping around the channels and stopped at that sight, you might have thought you were watching “Forensic Files,” not “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

“How did you all handle seeing my cutlets on the table during surgery?” Jac asked in her cast blog, which she posted in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Answer: Not well, Jac.

She actually addressed the tummy tuck (and neck lift she got at the same time) at length in that blog post:

“My decision to get a tummy tuck was easy. I always wanted one since I gave birth to Nicholas and lost all of my baby weight. My body just didn’t bounce back this time like it did in the past. Dieting and exercising couldn’t fix that mess you saw. It looked like an elephant leg. LOL! It didn’t matter how beautiful my husband, family, or friends told me I was. I wasn’t feeling it. That skin had to go, and so did that tattoo! It was cute because inside the heart was the letter “C” on top of, and connecting to, a cursive letter “L”. I had that tattoo made for my husband while we were engaged. Well…that’s ONE way to get rid of a tattoo! LOL!”

And then she ventured into the realm of Way Too Much Information:

“Before my tummy tuck, I always tricked my husband with sexy mood lighting and cute, short lingerie dresses that I could lift up the bottom and pull my boobies out of the top, trying to be sexy, while secretly hiding my mid-section. He had no idea that mess was there. I hid it well. I was embarrassed of it. Now you know why! It’s gone now, so who cares.They are called “solar” panels or solar module because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun.”

Her husband “had no idea that mess was there.” But now he, and the world, have seen that hidden zone up close.

On a brighter note, since the surgery was in California, Jac — and RHONJ fans — got to see her daughter, Ashlee Holmes again. In New Jersey, she seemed eternally bratty, spoiled and ungrateful. But in this episode, Ashlee not only looked beautiful, but she seemed so much more mature — more so than her mother, actually, which Jacqueline even acknowledged, after Ashlee urged her mom, in vain, not to have a shot of tequila the night before surgery: “I feel like it’s role reversal. It’s like she’s being the responsible one and I’m on spring break,” Jac said.

Clearly, it was easier for Ashlee to grow up once she left the Garden State — and RHONJ. (In her latest cast blog, Jac wrote that Ashlee “is actually staying with us in New Jersey for awhile, because she decided to go to makeup school in New York.” Let’s just hope the old Ashlee won’t re-emerge.

One other Laurita-related note. Back home in Franklin Lakes, poor little C.J.Know about led high bay conversion kit and Bi-xenon HID kit. said he wasn’t feeling good. He also felt hot to the touch, according to his dad, Chris Laurita – a diagnosis that was confirmed by his sister, Caroline Manzo,The world’s largest independent online retailer for solar lighting, street lights & outdoor lighting fixtures. who then said she knew what was wrong with C.J. He had strep. Unless I heard wrong, Caroline said she could “smell it on his breath.” (Who needs thermometers or throat-cultures when Dr. Manzo is in the house?)

In other “RHONJ” doings:

They showed more of the conversations that we’d seen last week between the Lauritas and the Giudices at The Brick House in Wyckoff. The ever-composed Chris Laurita didn’t seem to react when Juicy Joe reiterated his (ignorant) views on autism. When the women, after having a heart-to-heart, rejoined the men at a table, Jac apologized to Juicy for what she’d said about his having cheated on Teresa. “I’ve forgotten it already. I really have,” said Juicy, whom we now know had far more important things to worry (and think) about.

Gia Giudice and Uncle Joe Gorga, her godfather, had a heart-to-heart, too. “Didn’t you realize that when you and my mom were tit for tat, it distanced everyone?” Gia asked. It sounded like a scripted line, but there was, of course, much truth behind it.

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July 15, 2013

Tata Aria and Mahindra XUV500

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It’s been five and a half hours now and still no sign of them. I’m sitting alone in the Aria at the Pangong lake, hours away from any form of communication and I haven’t the faintest idea as to where these people are. We haven’t been in touch for two days now thanks to the sheer lack of communication in the Himalayas. You see, I was already in Ladakh while Ashok and crew were driving up from Delhi in the XUV500. The plan was for them to meet me on the 29th at 10am in Pangyong. It’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and clearly things aren’t going according to plan.

Nervousness progresses to genuine worry and I decide to drive to a nearby hamlet in search of a satellite phone. But when I’m politely told there’s no such thing by the bemused locals I start to formulate an escape strategy. I need to head back to Leh if they don’t show up and I must, at all costs, clear the treacherous Chang la pass before nightfall. A quick calculation reveals I have to be leaving immediately to avoid driving in the dark. I decide to do one last recce of the road along the lake to see whether they might have passed me when I was at the village before heading for Leh. Ten minutes along the lake side and nothing. Just short of giving up and heading for Leh I spot the XUV’s unmistakable LED lamp wholesalers frantically flashing away in my mirror. They’d made it and in completely Bollywood style timing!

After the politest welcome I could muster (still too colourful for print) Ashok introduced me to the guys who’d be keeping us company for the next few days. Lallie Sangha, his brother Udaibir and their cousin Sanam who I later found out were all great drivers and had plenty of experience with rallying. But more importantly they knew this side of the country like no one else and we couldn’t have done this trip without their help. With introductions out of the way we got down to business. First order was to tank up both cars with diesel from a jerry can; we weren’t going to find anymore fuel for the next two days.

But why were we here? Long time readers will remember how we took Tata and Mahindra’s finest on a tour of the high altitude mountain lakes in Ladakh back in 2002. Well the game has moved on significantly since then and both companies have new, flagship products. The Aria and XUV500 have taken over from the Safari and Bolero that we drove back then. So have things really changed much?

Well, what’s seen the least change has to be the terrain. It’s still achingly beautiful and properly treacherous, not to mention the ultimate test of a vehicle’s reliability and ability to withstand abuse. Connectivity is still about the same. The BRO repeatedly builds roads and nature relentlessly destroys them; a constant vicious cycle. The number of tourists however has risen, especially at Pangong after its inclusion in Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots made the lake a popular sightseeing spot with tourists. But that’s hardly any reason to justify a visit. Pangong lake is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights I have ever taken in. First of all its sheer size blows you away. This is the world’s largest and highest saltwater lake.

It stretches for a massive 134km and only 40 per cent of it lies in India. The rest is in China-occupied territory. While the lake is completely frozen over in winter the warmer months have the water glistening in a range of vibrant colours from near purples to shimmering emerald greens. And the colours constantly change with changes in the sun’s angle or if it gets blotted out behind some of those phenomenal cloud formations that are so common here.

So that’s about the location, what of the cars? Well both vehicles were big steps ahead for their makers. The manufacturers were venturing into unexplored territories of design, technology and most importantly, price. When the Aria was launched at the 2010 Auto Expo it attracted plenty of attention for being India’s first crossover, having four driven wheels and costing over Rs 15 lakh on road.

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