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August 30, 2013

‘Smart’ switchover

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Kerala State Electricity Board has deployed the ‘Kakatiya Nature Switch’ to help manage the switch-on and switch-off of street lights in Palakkad municipality.

This is part of the demand-side management initiative of the power utility, an official spokesman said here. Demand-side management aims to improve energy savings through an incentivised scheme in order to ensure public participation.

The switch is expected to help squarely deal with the issues of energy wastage; mounting bills; and the carbon footprint that represents the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the streetlights.

Swaminathan K.B.,We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light. executive engineer of the power board, said that manpower otherwise needed to run maintenance vehicles from one place to another to switch lights on and off will now be saved.

The municipality has also reduced hefty maintenance costs due to the built-in protection mechanism provided by the switch, a product of Kakatiya Energy Systems. “Now we can deploy the same manpower for more productive work,” Swaminathan added.

The Nature Switch automates streetlight controls in the Sultanpet and Big Bazaar areas of the city based on lux levels. It is not affected by artificial lights such as automobile headlamps and other ambient light sources.

The system has reduced the city’s power requirement, resulting in major cost savings and reducing its carbon footprint, Swaminathan said.

At least 160 streetlight points are controlled by the switch, which consists of high-pressure sodium vapour lamps of 150W and 250W; direction turning film; compact fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamps.

The municipality has since been was able to cut down the monthly electricity bill as billing is based on meter reading. It is planning to install more units in uncovered areas in the near future.

Lakshman Rao, managing director of Kakatiya Energy Systems, said that the switch which will support Kerala’s efforts to providing timely lighting on the road; reducing energy wastage and minimising human supervision.A solar lantern uses this sunlight that is abundantly available to charge its batteries through a Solar Panel and gives light in nighttime.

It has been reported in Forbes that the city predicts electricity savings of at least $7million, as well as $2.5million in avoided maintenance fees every year, thanks to its switch to energy efficient LEDs. Since its announcement to make the transition many other cities have followed suit. During the second phase of the project L.A. is set to retrofit 70,000 decorative street lamps. With approximately 400 varieties of lamps operating in Los Angeles, the city is currently testing and analysing LED and induction fixtures to find appropriate replacements.

Famous for their home LED lighting, Visible Lighting also specialises in a range of LEDs for commercial and outdoor applications. With a dedication to pursuing industry activity, the specialists were excited to hear of the completion of this particular project. A representative from the firm explains what this means for the sector as a whole.

“Thanks to large scale, high profile LED transitions such as this one, more and more towns and cities across the world are swapping their traditional street lamps for LEDs, to become more environmentally friendly and save on energy bills. At Visible Lighting, our commercial solutions such as panel lights, bay lights and LED emergency lighting products are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses who want to become more cost effective.”

Visible Lighting was established with a view to providing high quality lighting at affordable prices. Supplying a multitude of energy saving products, the company specialises in LED lighting including affordable LED strip lights,How does a solar charger work and where would you use a solar charger? LED ceiling and wall lights, LED flood lights as well as commercial LED lighting. All products take advantage of the latest technology, providing customers with the best value for money. Visible Lighting places customer service as its top priority, regularly expanding its product lines.

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KIA Niro Diungkap

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Niro akan menyambut publik untuk pertama kalinya di Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 bulan depan. Mobil ini adalah buah karya studio desain KIA Eropa di Frankfurt, Jerman.

Niro adalah perpaduan antara crossover sporty berdesain dua pintu, dengan ground clearance yang tinggi. KIA bahkan berani menjejali mobil ini dengan pintu gullwing ala supercar mewah.

Wajah depannya terlihat agresif dengan LED Daytime Running Lights dan Fog Lamp persegi yang mencuri perhatian.The world’s largest independent online retailer for solar lighting, street lights & outdoor lighting fixtures.

Di belakang, desainnya terlihat keren dan minimalis, dengan muffler kembar di bagian tengah lengkap dengan aksen serat karbon disekelilingnya.

Interiornya sangat futuristik dengan dashboard yang terlihat rapih bergaya retro,A solar bulb that charges up during the day and lights the night when the sun sets. dengan roda kemudi yang dilengkapi dengan paddle shift. Sejumlah tombol fungsinya membuat berada di kabin mobil serasa berada di dalam kabin pesawat, dengan dijejali fitur layar sentuh yang cukup besar.

Mobil berpenggerak empat roda ini juga disebut bakal dijejali drivetrain dari mobil-mobil raksasa Korea Selatan itu di masa depan, seperti dilansir LeftLaneNews.

Kabar baiknya, KIA menjanjikan bahwa mobil keren ini dapat diproduksi jika mendapat reaksi positif dari pengunjung selama dipamerkan di Frankfurt. Klik disini untuk melihat foto-foto dari KIA Niro.

Amidst several teasers that have reached the Interwebs, Volvo revealed their latest concept car due at this Frankfurt Motor Show, which provides the public with a clear eye of the Swedish automaker’s intended trajectory in terms of its corporate design philosophy. Volvos have never really been lookers, the kind that sticks to one’s memories, though this new Volvo Concept Coupe—which the brand touts as the “next-generation P1800”—appears to be putting Volvo’s years of complete obscurity into the past. Because holy wienerschnitzel, just look at it!

For those who need a quick history refresher, the Volvo P1800 was a very iconic and formidable sports car back in the 1960s and even went head-to-head with other icons like the Jaguar E-Type, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint, the Aston Martin DB4, the BMW E9, Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, and the Porsche 911. So despite Volvo’s modern day ho-hum characteristics, the new Volvo Concept Coupe seeks to relish the heritage of the original P1800 into the modern world.

Representative of Volvo’s latest Scalable Product Architecture, which adopts one of the latest industry trends of streamlining production, the new Volvo Concept Coupe is said to even provide a pointer to the first car that employs Volvo’s new SPA design, the all-new XC90 crossover due in 2014.

But for those even willing to postulate outside the box, the 2013 Volvo Concept Coupe sets the stage for the brand to reveal a new flagship coupe that could very much be in line with being a successor to the brand’s current C70.

The Volvo Concept Coupe was also used to showcase Volvo’s experimentation into gasoline plug-in hybrid powertrains, which features a 2.An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage.0L Drive-E gasoline engine (most likely a four-banger) designed with a supercharger and turbocharger. An electric motor is mounted to the rear axle, for a total combined output of 400hp and over 440 lb-ft of twist.

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August 27, 2013

Don’t phase out kerosene

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Indian scientists who have developed an improved lantern that uses kerosene have advised the government not to phase out the poor man’s fuel on environmental grounds.

Kerosene was traditionally burned in rural homes in hurricane lamps to provide lighting or in pressure stoves to cook food.

Now the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) at Phaltan in Maharashtra has developed a device that simultaneously provides light (equivalent to that from a 300 watt electric bulb) and cooks a complete meal (including chapattis) for a family of five.

The lanstove (combined lantern and cooking stove) thus makes kerosene an ideal fuel for rural households, says Anil Rajvanshi, an IIT graduate and NARI director.

He says it is unfortunate that the Indian government has decided to phase out kerosene as a result of tremendous tirade by the Western countries against the use of kerosene from a climate change point of view. This move, he says, will deprive the poor people in India of a convenient household fuel.

According to Rajvanshi, it is the way in which a fuel is burnt that makes it clean or dirty. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas become clean fuels only because of excellent combustion technologies available.

No doubt hurricane lantern is an inefficient and unclean combustion device,How does a solar charger work and where would you use a solar charger? says Rajvanshi.

Lanstove was developed by his institute precisely to overcome these drawbacks, he says in a report published in the latest issue of “current science.”

The research led to the device that burns kerosene efficiently and without causing any pollution.We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light.

Lanstove has been tested for the last eight months in 25 rural huts in western Maharashtra which do not have electricity. The users found that it is smokeless unlike the existing biomass-powered chulha, and gives excellent light compared to the presently used hurricane lanterns.

The levels of harmful carbon monoxide from these lanstoves are less than three parts per million whereas those from regular chulhas are 80 to 130 times more, according to the study.

“Thus the lanstove is an extremely clean device and equivalent to the LPG stove,” Rajvanshi told IANS.

The lanstove has been designed so that kerosene is pressurized and stored in a small separate cylinder from where it flows into the combustor and burns cleanly just like in the LPG cookstove.

This detachable cylinder can be filled up in kerosene dispensing shops,We installed flexible LED Strip lighting in our kitchen for under cabinet and within cabinet lighting. the same way an LPG cylinder is now charged.

However, despite its advantages to the people in India’s rural areas, the lanstove cannot be introduced at present on a large scale because of unavailability of kerosene, Rajvanshi says.

Today, below poverty line (BPL) families get only five litres of kerosene per household every month whereas lanstove users need at least 15-20 litres of kerosene per month. What is therefore needed is an enlightened policy that makes at least this much kerosene available to rural poor at subsidised price, the NARI report says.

Rajvanshi points out that around 300 million Indians are without electricity. Solar- powered light emitting diode (LED) lanterns promoted by various agencies and also government departments are not only costly and difficult to maintain but the LED light has recently been shown to be harmful to the eyes producing irreparable damage to the retina. “Besides, unlike lanstoves, these solar lanterns cannot cook,” he says.

Although kerosene is a fossil fuel, there are extensive efforts currently the world over to produce kerosene-like fuel from agricultural residues so as to make it renewable, says Rajvanshi. “I hope these efforts are also undertaken in India which has a huge amount of agricultural residues.”

All his life Mahatma Gandhi studied and wrote under the light of kerosene hurricane lanterns and he also used to apply kerosene to his body as a mosquito repellent, says Rajvanshi. “I am sure that if he were alive today, he would have wholeheartedly embraced the lanstove and promoted its use among the rural poor.”

Trina Solar was selected to supply multicrystalline silicon modules for Sempra Energy’s 345-megawatt Copper Mountain 3 project — and that could be a signal that PV module prices are flattening.

“The lowest prices for modules have been in the large-scale utility projects,” Trina Americas President Mark Mendenhall explained. “We didn’t participate a lot. We felt we could give up share in that segment until the market stabilized.”

Trina has been focused on the residential and commercial segments. “There was a gap in the relative costs,” Mendenhall said, “that made thin film and other technologies more competitive in utility-scale solar.”

But today’s low silicon module prices make balance-of-system costs more significant than module costs. “The value of our multicrystalline PV efficiency became more important,” Mendenhall said. “And the number of gigawatts we have installed has reduced the perceived risk and increased the financeability of a project with our technology.”

Also, he added, consolidation has left fewer manufacturers capable of providing the 1.1 million high-quality modules needed by AMEC, the Copper Mountain EPC provider. The module order must be met for the Q1 2015 construction completion target to fulfill Sempra’s contracts with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the City of Burbank.

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June 13, 2013

GE’s Albeo LED High Bay Lighting

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By replacing high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting commonly found in sports arenas, the Albeo ABHX-Series uses 70 percent less energy and is expected to save the university nearly $40,000 each year. Buy hid kit, ballasts, and headlight bulbs.

When assessing a potential energy-saving project, the WSU Energy & Sustainability Office looks at other institutions’ solutions for ideas. But there were no examples to consider when an analysis of campus energy use revealed that HID lighting at the Dee Events Center was one of the single biggest power hogs.

“Month after month when the electric bill came for the Dee Events Center, all we could do was cringe and pay,” said Jacob Cain, WSU Energy & Sustainability Manager. “The new high bay lighting gives us brighter light with fewer fixtures, and we spend less money on energy. Now that’s something we welcome and our teams and fans can appreciate.”

GE Lighting offered WSU an LED high bay fixture that is commonly used for warehouse applications. The university’s energy team ordered one for analysis, testing its capabilities for this unique setting. The team measured its distribution of light, dimming capabilities,Increase the performance and visual appearance of your headlights with hid lights and bulbs. and net change in weight applied to the lighting scheme known as the cloud at the home of WSU’s men’s and women’s basketball. A mounting system was designed and fabricated, and then the single unit was hung for review by the athletics department.

Upon approval, a total of 80 fixtures were installed, requiring special attention to timing so it would not interrupt activities on the court. Replacing 100 HID fixtures, the new LED high bay lighting produces more than 200 foot candles, or the amount of light that falls on a given surface – double that of NCAA requirements for courts. The original lighting produced dim spots on the court, and foot candles ranged from 60-150 depending on location, Cain said.

Officials with WSU are pleased with the Albeo ABHX-Series because of the lighting quality, and the quantity of light is more than ample. In addition to considerable energy savings, it increases the ability for special effects because the LEDs instantly illuminate with no buzz or flickering and can be dimmable and adjustable in nine zones throughout the arena.

Additionally, the Albeo ABHX-Series LED lighting fixtures significantly diminish maintenance needs in difficult-to-reach areas, including those at arenas where swapping bulbs requires special equipment and trained personnel. Because LEDs dim over time, lifetimes are based on the number of hours the fixtures produce at least 70 percent of the initial light output, referred to as L70. The Albeo ABHX-Series’ life is rated for 100,Increase the performance and visual appearance of your headlights with hid lights and bulbs.000 hours at L70. The HID lamps they replaced last a fraction of that time.

The Albeo ABHX-Series fixture can substitute a range of legacy high bay lighting systems—250-watt to 1500-watt HID and four- to eight-lamp T5/T8 high-intensity fluorescent lighting, which burn out after 20,000-30,000 hours, creating a total failure of the lighting mechanism.

The Albeo ABHX-Series was recognized in the category of “Industrial Luminaires – high bay” in the 2013 Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting Design Indoor Competition. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers, the NGL awards recognize excellence in energy-efficient LED commercial lighting unit design. The ABHX-Series also recently earned a 2013 Architectural SSL Magazine Product Innovation Award, which showcases cutting-edge LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures.

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