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August 19, 2013

DAN HARVEY was a fat kid

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DAN HARVEY was a fat kid, which is probably why we became friends in the first place. In the rigid corporeal hierarchy of childhood, you’re either the right weight or you’re not: too big and you’re a fat-ass; too skinny and you’re a faggot. We were a perfect pair, like something out of a children’s tale: the Elephant and the Giraffe, as we nicknamed ourselves during a trip to the Toronto Zoo. What might it be like to take up a different kind of space in the world? But Dan and I were stuck with the bodies we had.

We grew up on neighbouring cul-de-sacs in Guelph, Ontario, and our elementary school was nearby. During recess, Dan sat by himself near the school doors, flicking pebbles at nothing. I was stick thin and bookish. Without a father, I had never learned to move like the other boys, didn’t know how to throw a football or swing a bat. So Dan and I found each other. In junior high, as cliques hardened, we drew closer, sitting for hours in his wood-panelled basement, where we talked about bands—Radiohead, Tool, Pink Floyd—in the rockist shorthand of teenage boys.

Dan played the saxophone then, and he looked as if he were fighting the thing, his cheeks red and puffed, his pudgy fingers manipulating the keys. He was, more than anyone I’ve ever known, an embodied person, moving like a tank and altering the gravity of any room he entered. He highlighted his curly brown hair with blond, and often wore two shirts at a time, as if trying to constrain his bulging proportions.

In grade nine, Dan and I attended the Halloween dance. Kids strutted around like pubescent bowerbirds, and we lurked on the fringes, terrified of the costumed girls around us. A few of them approached. One, a short brunette with blue eyes and a wide smile, had noticed Dan. She was dressed as a bee, black and yellow antennae wiggling on her head. I pushed Dan—who was convinced that he’d die a fat virgin—in her direction.

“I hear you like me,” Dan said.


“Do you want to go out?”


They danced the rest of the night, the girl’s hands reaching up to rest on Dan’s shoulders, his fingers closing around her waist. As we walked home, Dan realized that he had forgotten to ask her name. It was Jess.

By now, Dan’s rolls were starting to solidify. While I remained gawky, he developed into a natural athlete, his size—six feet four and nearly 300 pounds—an asset instead of a humiliation. He played football and basketball but grew to adore rugby, addicted to the sheer physicality of the sport. Acting also drew him in, and though he was usually typecast as the dumb jock or the idiot sheriff, he loved the attention. It was a way of attracting the spotlight on his own terms; you couldn’t call him fat if he called himself fat first. When we formed a band—I took up the guitar, Dan played bass—he sometimes prefaced performances with an apology. “If I mess up, it’s not my fault,” he told the audience. “I was born with fat fingers.”

He was still the closest friend I had, but I resented him, too. He had buddies on the football team and a girlfriend; he lost his virginity two years before I did. When he got his driver’s licence, I started treating him like a chauffeur. I was not allowed to stay out past midnight, and I was terrified of driving, so after parties Dan took me home in his parents’ Sebring before returning to the kegger to get drunk and sleep on the couch. Even as he ferried me around, I made sure he knew which of us was the smart one,We installed flexible LED Strip lighting in our kitchen for under cabinet and within cabinet lighting. who was the better musician, and who could name the studio where “The Bends” was recorded. Dan rarely said a word in reply. He just fidgeted uncomfortably, pushing his mass deeper into the seat, lifting one hand from the steering wheel to adjust his blue Tar Heels cap.

At the beginning of grade eleven, Dan got the red and yellow Superman logo tattooed on his right bicep. He had always been obsessed with the superhero, collecting comic books and Christopher Reeve movies and T-shirts.Most modern headlight designs include Wholesale HID Kit. Superman,There are all kinds of car daytime running lights with good quality. originally from the dying planet Krypton, is an attractive idol, his body a hard pile of muscle, capable of scattering bullets and soaring through solar systems. In “Superman: The Movie,” from 1978, he even turns back time by reversing Earth’s rotation. Superman is so unbeatable that his creators had to invent an antidote to his abilities: kryptonite, a mysterious green element that renders him powerless.

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August 15, 2013

New Corolla arrives

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The all-new Corolla inherits 47 years of Corolla DNA. The range has an all-new exterior which embodies the evolution of Toyota’s Keen Look and Under Priority design principles with an emphasis now placed on the upper grille for a distinctive but more prestigious appearance.

At 4620 mm long, 1775 mm wide and 1465 mm high, the new Corolla is 80mm longer and 15mm wider, yet is 5 mm lower than its predecessor. The wheel base has been lengthened by 100mm which leads to more space overall in the cabin.Know about led high bay conversion kit and Bi-xenon HID kit.

The soft instrument panel upholstery and high-gloss piano black finishes are complemented by silver trim detailing and clear blue instrument, glove box and ambient cabin lighting to create a premium quality feel to the interior.

Increased legroom

Drivers will benefit from an improved ergonomic positioning and intuitive operability of all switchgear and instrumentation. Rear passengers will also enjoy an enhanced environment with increased rear legroom to a class leading 706mm, as well as more comfortable seats.

The Corolla also features increased luggage capacity. The new Corolla is not only more spacious and comfortable, but also quieter than its predecessor. The interior has been designed to offer customers class-leading quietness.

A choice of two premium colours, ivory or back, completes the new interior colour scheme.

The quality and intuitive ergonomics of the new Corolla interior are complemented by a range of comfort and convenience-enhancing equipment. The new Corolla features the debut of the second generation of the Toyota Touch, a 6.1” full colour, touch-screen multimedia system with a rear reversing camera and Bluetooth.

The new Corolla has been engineered to give a more enjoyable and involving driving experience, and benefits from a lighter, yet more rigid body structure, revised suspension and a more direct steering response. It offers a lower centre of gravity through an overall reduction in height.

Lowest C02

Toyota have the lowest fleet wide CO2 in Europe. The Corolla has a revised, Euro 5+ compliant engine line-up with an enhanced fuel economy and best in class CO2 emissions from 99 g/km. The Toyota Eco Stop and Start system is standard on Corolla diesel models.

The Corolla line-up has three grades, Terra, Aura and Luna. There is a choice of a 1.4 litre D-4D turbodiesel and a 1.How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent?33 litre Dual VVT-i petrol engine.

Corolla meets the highest active and passive safety standards, and enhanced pedestrian impact protection. It achieved a maximum 5-star rating in the latest, more stringent Euro NCAP crash test programme.

Standard features include next generation anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC),They are called “solar” panels or solar module because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), 7 SRS airbags (including driver knee airbag), whiplash prevention headrests, Emergency Locking Retractor seatbelts, and Traction Control.

The Corolla also features LED daytime running lights and ‘Follow-Me-Home’ headlamps which automatically remain illuminated for 30 seconds after the vehicle has been switched off and locked.

“We are very excited about the potential this next generation Corolla holds for Toyota Ireland. Irish motorists have had a loyal love affair with Corolla, and to this day it remains a household name,” said David Shannon, managing director of Toyota Ireland.

“We expect the new model with its highly desirable design, driving experience and interior comfort to convert a new generation of Irish motorists to the Corolla marque,” he added.Read the full story at!

June 20, 2013

The Cost of Doing Business Has Risen an Average

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Businesses and householders are struggling with increased electricity costs. Sydney electricians at Switchiton Electrical advise and educate customers on smart energy savings.

Switchiton Electrical, which has professional Sydney electricians servicing Sydney city and all suburbs, identified several years ago that, for full customer service, it isn’t enough to simply turn up and do the job. They needed to help their customers by giving them the benefit of their extensive knowledge of all things electrical. After all, for these Sydney electricians, it is their passion.

Residential electricity prices are up 14% over 2012-2013, according to a recent report from the Australian Energy Market Commission. Businesses surveyed by The Australian Industry Group claim that the cost of doing business has risen an average of 14.5% since the introduction of the Gillard government’s Carbon Tax. Both businesses and householders need to use multiple methods to keep costs down.

“We identified back in 2011, from the Federal Government’s Treasury report (which stated that electricity prices had risen 40% over the previous three years), that our Sydney customers are under increased cost of living pressure or finding that the costs to run a business are causing hardship,” commented John Chidiac, Principal Director, on behalf of Sydney electricians, Switchiton Electrical Services Australia.

“According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost of Living index, Sydney is the third-most expensive city in the world – and we knew already that the two main culprits are rental prices and energy costs. We can’t do anything about rental costs but we can visit businesses and homes and identify where customers can save money on their power bills.”

“Often, we find old and inefficient wiring that can lead to severe electrical shocks, property damage and even fires. When taking these facts into consideration we believe the risk level is too high and homeowners and businesses could suffer the consequences. We identify what should be replaced to save our customers money – and, most importantly, keep them safe at all times from all electrical hazards.”

Of course, it isn’t just water heaters or wiring. The professional Sydney electricians from Switchiton Electrical look at all things electrical, including lighting. (Using fluorescent lights over regular incandescent bulbs can save 75% of lighting costs while an energy-efficient fridge could use less energy than a regular light bulb.)

Sydney-wide, businesses benefit from a full energy audit by qualified professional Sydney electricians. Some fixes, such as removing halogen lighting and replacing it with, for example, LED lighting, adjusting water heater temperatures via thermostats or replacing out-dated wiring, can be done only by a qualified electrician.

“We were given professional advice by Switchiton Electrical to help us reduce our power consumption. Our last electricity bill was around 25% lower than for the same time last year. The electricians also upgraded our electrical switchboard and replaced some of the wiring in our home. Good work, guys!” Mr and Mrs Kennedy, Cronulla. More information about the program is available on the web site at

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