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August 27, 2013

Sarah Shourd

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Until recently, both Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox had been held in solitary confinement for 4 decades in Louisiana – longer than almost any other known prisoner in recent U.S. history. It’s long enough for one’s body to forget it ever knew anything else but four white walls and for the mind to be reshaped by extreme isolation. Juan Mendez, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, says that after 15 days, further isolation can cause permanent psychological damage and constitute torture.

Herman has just been diagnosed with stage 5 liver cancer. Unless Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana grants him clemency, he may likely die in prison.

After decades in isolation, people experience hyper-anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, hallucinations,A solar bulb that charges up during the day and lights the night when the sun sets. emotional detachment, panic attacks and uncontrollable rage. Many start fights with guards just for human contact. Others cut themselves just to be taken out of their cells for a few days in the prison hospital.

I spent over a year in solitary confinement when I was held as a political hostage by the Iranian government from 2009 to 10. I experienced all of these reactions at various times throughout my isolation. In some cases, these symptoms have increased since my release. Almost three years later, I am still trying to shake the mental damage and loss that was inflicted upon me during those 410 days.

After spending nearly 41 years in a cramped cell, the cancer diagnosis led prison officials in July to transfer 71-year-old Herman to a ten-bunk prison dorm.An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage.

He can now open a door,” says Marina Drummer, who has been advocating on his behalf for the past 15 years. “He can walk from the dorm room into the dayroom without being shackled.”

After spending 23 hours a day isolated in a small cell akin to a coffin, this change is monumental.

In 1972, Albert and Herman, two young black men, were charged and convicted of the murder of prison guard Brent Miller, despite the fact that no DNA evidence linked them to the crime. They were locked in solitary: 23 hours a day alone in a small cell, and were denied any meaningful review of their continued isolation.

In the decades after the trial, significant flaws in the legal process have come to light. Evidence suggests that the key eye-witness was bribed by prison officials into giving statements against the men and that the state withheld evidence that pointed to Herman and Albert’s innocence. Potentially exculpatory evidence mysteriously went “missing” before the trial and more witnesses later recanted their testimony.

After Herman’s diagnosis became known, human rights groups around the country – most notably Amnesty International – have called for his release on compassionate and medical grounds. More than 46,000 people in the U.S. have called on Governor Jindal to release Herman Wallace in the months since his diagnosis; tens of thousands of appeals have also poured in from around the world.

Herman is not a dangerous criminal – he is a 71-year-old cancer patient who has already survived an unthinkable nightmare. His continued imprisonment serves no purpose: prison records demonstrate that he is no threat to himself or others. As his conviction continues to be challenged before the courts, his cancerous tumor continues to grow. Despite treatment, he does not have much time left.

I recently turned 35. Herman Wallace has survived more years being psychologically tortured in our prisons than I’ve even been alive. I think about him still waking up every morning, tired and sick,We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun, solar street light, solar power generation. but still fighting for his life and his long-deserved freedom. As Herman’s health fails, we have to fight for him – and there’s not much time left.

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August 23, 2013

Follow-Up on Khayelitsha Streetlights

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Follow-Up on Khayelitsha Streetlights

In February, GroundUp published a report on the issue of street lights in Khayelitsha, in particular on Lansdowne Road and Mew Way. Activist organizations — the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Equal Education (EE) — held a march on 4 February in Khayelitsha.We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light.

City of Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille, who attended the march, received a memorandum that the City should ensure that street lights were functioning in Khayelitsha. It also demanded that the City implement the installation of street lights where they were not available and fix damaged and vandalized lights within Lansdowne Road and Khayelitsha.

GroundUp ran a follow-up story in April, and it seems there has been some improvement.

Councillor Danile Khatshwa of Ward 96 (Makhaza in Khayelitsha) said street lights in his ward from Lindela Road to Baden Powell Drive have been fixed and are working.

“Since I submitted complaints from residents within my ward, the street lights have been fixed and are functioning. You would only find that about one or two street lights are not working, but I can say that there’s been an improvement,” he said.

Zodwa Sinkempele (20), a Community Librarian at Equal Education said that she has some mixed feelings when it comes to the issue of street lights. “Since the march, I have seen some improvement in the functioning of the [street] lights. But I don’t know whether the City only fixed the lights because we were pressuring them, or they only fixed the lights to get us out of their way then discontinued with the work they were supposed to do.”

Khatshwa admitted there are however some parts of Khayelitsha that still remain in the dark.

“Despite the improvements on street lights in Makhaza, major sections in Khayelitsha still remain without functioning street lights,How does a solar charger work and where would you use a solar charger? particularly along Lansdowne Road .. Even some of the newly implemented streetlights are not of the best quality.”

Councillor Danile felt that the newly installed lights were not as bright as the previously installed lights,A solar lantern uses this sunlight that is abundantly available to charge its batteries through a Solar Panel and gives light in nighttime. and felt that much brighter streetlights should have been installed. GroundUp went out at night to see whether this statement was true. The streetlights at Makhaza are very bright, and about 15 floodlights are providing light for the Site B, Town Two and Makhaza areas.

In addition to the three small bedrooms, the one-story house has two discreet sleeping lofts.

“We wanted small rooms,” says Mr. Christiansen, which he says encourages the family to get together in the large central living and dining area. The master bedroom has a wall that opens entirely onto a private deck overlooking a tree-lined yard.

They hoped to finish by Christmas 2011, but delays on foundation and basement work meant a half-year postponement. They finally moved in July 2012, spending more than $500,00 on the project.

A basement is unusual for a summer house in the area, says Mr. Christiansen, but it was necessary to conceal the complicated technology involved in making the house energy efficient. Outfitted with a heat pump, solar panels and photovoltaic cells, the house can generate all of its heating, and can contribute electricity to the grid when the family is away.

Triple-glazed windows and near-total insulation mean that controlled ventilation is essential, and the house is programmed to ventilate itself four times a day. Heating can be controlled by a smartphone app,Shop funtional and elegant solar lights, outdoor solar lighting, solar garden lights, path lights and decorative solar lights. which allows the house to be just the right temperature when the family arrives for winter weekends.

In addition to the main house, the property has a new free-standing sauna, lined with ash wood and equipped with a large picture window. The wood-burning sauna oven is imported from Finland. Mr. Christiansen designed the sauna himself. “It is beautiful sitting here in 175-degree heat,” he says, of his winter sauna sessions, which end with a roll in the snow.

Saunas aren’t rare in Denmark, but “most Danes who build a sauna end up using them for storage,” says Mr. Christiansen. The couple, looking ahead to the property’s resale value, built the sauna to be easily converted into a guesthouse.

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July 22, 2013

Toyota Avalon sedan

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I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m a fan of big sedans. I’ve always loved the large Mercedes S-class and Audi A8 sedans.

Large sedans have been put on the back burner in recent times, and we’ve seen an influx of midsized cars roaming about. While most fill the needs of the average family, I’m glad to see the larger models making a comeback, such as the all-new Toyota Avalon XLE Touring sedan.

The XLE model comes with a 3.5-liter V6 with 268 horsepower similar to the one found in a Lexus ES350. The power is transferred via the six-speed VVT-i automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The touring trim adds the Drive Select system with ECO, Normal and Sport modes.

Standing in front of the Avalon

, it resembles a more refined Camry. Thin Quadrabeam headlamps and a large open grille that stretches to the fog lights dominates the front end. This design isn’t for everyone at first, but grows on you with time.

From the side is where you see just how long this sedan is. The overall length is 6 inches longer than a Camry at 195.2 inches to allow for a very spacious and comfortable interior. To put it in perspective, the large Audi A8 is 202.2 -inches long.

Around back are very elegant LED tail lamps and dual exhaust tips. This sedan has a very “full” appearance; not a lot of swoopy lines.

Inside you will find a multisurface dashboard with leather and plastic materials throughout and air vents that blend well into the design. The 6.1-inch touch screen houses stereo controls, and HVAC buttons are just below that for easy use. All other buttons around the screen are touch controls and are very easy to use.

Below the dash is a storage area with a sliding cover to hide away your valuables. The steering wheel is thick and has the perfect amount of weight during cornering or on straightaways.

Driving around town is very easy. Light steering, good brakes and the ECO setting make for soft shifts. On the highway, the car floats a tiny bit, especially in high-speed cornering.

Roomy interior space for all occupants, a strong V6 engine, exceptional steering feel and a very soft, yet responsive ride sums up the Avalon. It’s the total package for a family sedan.

Whether you are driving in the city or on two-lane back roads, you will be immersed in just the right amount of luxury, quiet and responsiveness. This isn’t a Lexus, but it’s as close as you can get without drowning in technology and breaking the bank.

I found the Avalon to be roomier, just as powerful and less “flashy” than the Lexus. Two car seats fit in the back and leave plenty of legroom for the front passengers, and the trunk is absolutely enormous.

If you are looking for a little more room in your sedan, the Avalon may serve your needs well. Gas mileage is rated at 24 mpg combined, and I was able to get 23 mpg during my test.

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