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January 4, 2016

How about China’s economy tanks?

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The Chinese housing bubble is at risk of bursting due to economic imbalances. If China’s housing bubble bursts, a shockwave will reverberate through its economy, causing a dramatic slowdown that will spread around the world. Utilizing a powerful new simulation tool, we forecast how a “hard landing” for China would impact the global economy.

China’s business climate is uncertain and growing more so by the day. Cheap china trade credit and a ballooning shadow banking sector in the past few years drove a massive increase in new lending, which fueled a red-hot real estate market and excess construction. As the economy cooled, the massive housing supply ramp-up resulted in high vacancy rates in some Chinese cities, which led to steep price discounts on new properties and rising default rates among smaller property developers.

Global corporations are watching China closely, wondering what will happen next. If the situation were to spiral out of control, they must be able to evaluate the impact on their business quickly and make appropriate course corrections. For instance, what does a hard landing in China mean for interest rates, trade, capital investment, commodity prices, and consumer demand, not only in China but in Europe, India, the US, and elsewhere? The more variables they can control to simulate possible scenarios, the better prepared they will be to respond to the one that actually unfolds.

Using a new econometric simulation tool called the Global Link Model, IHS is able to quantify the impact of economic shocks and regulatory changes to test a wide range of scenarios on the global economy. The model includes 68 countries and is linked to sector-specific econometric models, enabling users to see how changes in the macro-economy impact sectors and companies, as well as how changes at the micro level influence overall economic developments.

This article examines the consequences of just one scenario: a hard landing in China and the impact it would have on both the Chinese economy and the global economy. We define a hard landing as annual GDP growth for China of less than 5%. See the table at the end of this article that captures the impact on GDP growth for 15 of the largest economies in the world.

china trade credit

china trade credit


October 13, 2015

Where you can check credit

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Chinese fnancial system has been keeped in a poorly development for a while, which implies the revelent of credit sonstraints and different source of finance. Many people think that trade credit is the accounts payable, or accounts receivable, actually it’s not, china trade credit(  is different with these two.

Maybe you want to know ,what is trade credit? Oftenly we define trade credit as an agreement. In this agreement customer can puchase goods on account without payng in cash, and the paying was not timely for supplier. A specific trade credit number will be given when the goods was delivered ,usually 30 or 60. Some special business , such as jewelry, entend their credit to a more long time.

Wikipedia tell us that trade credit is the credit extended by one trader to another trader for the purchase without immediate payment. Trade credit is used as a sourse of temporary financing for business organisations, expecially business to business (B2B) sellers in the United States.

For many area of business, trade credit is an useful tool for increasing you finance. Suppliers extend you a trade credit, for you can buy in time and pay later. By this definition, anytime you enjoy goods,service or other valuables without paying in money, you are using the trade credit.

It’s clear that trade credit is important to customer as well as business, and if you want to develope some trade in china, how can you ensure you partner’s credit? What about you partner’s performing in past year? Want to screen qualified buyers or suppliers in China? You can check trade credit in Cnbizsearch if you need, for example business managers, credit risk managers, and line associates.

Cnbizsearch is known as Shanghai Anson Business Consulting Company Limited.AS a credit and risk management, it support service and commercial information in China.

Cnbizsearch provide thousands of trade credit of chinese company, you can search for what you interested in this large database. Just real data, and by these data you can make your own analysis and then conclude by yourself.

If you want more imformation about chinese credit, pls pay attention to Cnbizsearch.

china trade credit

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