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October 20, 2015

What’s different Between Casual & Leisure

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Casual wear is clothing that can be worn during leisure time but can also be appropriate for a casual work environment or certain activities such as club events. Leisure wear clothes are designed to be worn during leisure time.

Casual wear for women can be appropriate for wearing to work (if your employer has a casual dress code).  Some apparel that are appropriate are khakis, slacks, sweaters, leather shoes and polo shirts. Things that may not be appropriate are jeans, gym shorts, T-shirts, low-cut tops and running shoes.

A persons leisure is free time spent away from business, work, household chores and school.  Leisure fashion is typically not appropriate for a work environment. However, it is perfect for people that work from home.

Casual kurtis or a designer one is a must-hand semi-ethnic clothing for every Indian women’s wardrobe; it holds a special place when it comes to dressing up a little differently, yet in a traditional way. These days, kurtis have become so popular that they are combined with jeans, legging, jeggings, salwars and patiyalas to give you a traditional, modern ‘look and feel’.

There are many varieties available in the market today when we look around for designer and casual kurtis; here in this blog, we shall discuss on some of the varieties that are most popular among the rest and are easily available online.

Cotton Casual Kurtis

All through this year, the fabric – cotton has been the most preferred fabric for women when choosing casual kurtis. These kurtis are very comfortable and provide a cozy feel once worn. Cotton being a highly flexible fabric, there are a variety of designs, prints, patterns and colors available in cotton casual kurtis to choose from. Not only are cotton kurtis used for casual wear, their attractive patterns and variant colors make them a perfect outfit for various occasions.

The cotton lovers always want to flaunt in cotton designer wears, and show off their love for fashion and clothing; these women actually give in an all-new fashion statement in dinner parties and other gatherings. Cotton casual kurtis are a perfect outfit for those having long working hours, because of the highly adaptable texture and smooth, sweat free fabric.

Silk and Chiffon Kurtis

The word ‘Silk’ itself suggests auspicious occasions, weddings and celebrations; it goes with the silk designer kurtis too. Women preferring to wear kurtis for various occasions tend to choose kurtis made of silk, especially pure silk and cotton silk. These designer kurtis look glamorous, mesmerizing and royal in every color, pattern and design.

Chiffon kurtis are either designed for casual or occasional wear. Women in India may choose to wear them at any occasions from work to weddings. Chiffon casual kurtis are extremely comfortable and provide an elegant look.

casual wear for women

casual wear for women

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