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November 11, 2015

Company verification process in China

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For small business owners contacting with chinese corporator, making china company cerification is a first step that should be taken in order to protect their businesses from fraudulent activity and to make sure basic due diligence is done. This process is sometimes not simple in one’s own country, let alone in China, where newly arrived business owners might find it very difficult to navigate through the administrative maze, language barrier, and/or peculiarities of the host country’s procedures. In this post, we will explain how the company registration process works in China and will also go through the steps of checking a company’s registration information in the public government database.

What is the ‘gongshangju’?

The government organization responsible for overseeing and administering company registrations is the Administration of Industry and Commerce or ‘gongshangju’ in Pinyin. You can either go to one of their offices  and request the information needed in person or you can go to their website and find a company by their registration number or company name. Different provinces have different online directories (some more consistent than others), but provinces with industrial hubs usually have a very reliable system.

How to check a company’s registration report?

1. First, you should know where the company is registered and select the regional database on the main AIC website you want to access. (Usually, this is in the company’s address. For a list of Chinese provinces, click here.) In this post, we are focusing on how the Shanghai AIC website works; however, these steps might be slightly different depending on which database you are trying to use.

2. Enter the full company name in Chinese (or registration number), and if you find the company you are looking for on the results page, select ‘more info’.

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