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November 5, 2015

Things about Taobao

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Taobao is the biggest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce platform based in China. You can get clothes, accessories, gadgets and even computer hardware taobao at very low (dirt cheap) prices. However, because the website is 100% in Chinese, this may be a barrier to those who want to shop but can’t make heads or tails navigating through the shopping process.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are few things you need to know when shopping at Taobao. We’ll cover how you can navigate this Chinese site, giving you a rough idea of the feedback system, how to use us Tao Bao agent (middleman service), and other factors to consider when purchasing an item.

1. Communication & Translation
Taobao’s navigation, item listing and overall user interface is in Chinese. However you can visit the English version now, or visit Agreetao: You can sear will include English keywords on their listings so, when you search for baby clothes, cardigan and so on, , you will get some results from the search engine.

2. Get Better Search Results
Like most search engines, you can sort results based on certain criterion (filters). At Taobao, you can sort results based on: Popularity, Sales, Seller’s Reputation, Newest Additions, and Price.
Within an item’s listing, you can sometimes choose an option (color or other specifications) as shown below and you can also know the seller’s balance stock.

3. How to choosing a Reliable Taobao Seller
In Tao Bao, you need to pick an experienced seller who is trustworthy. To figure this out is to find out how many transactions they have processed, and successfully delivered. This can be viewed at the seller’s profile.
Sellers can also be ranked by buyers. The lowest ranks are hearts, followed by diamonds, blue crowns, and finally yellow crowns. A seller has to earn 5 of each rank before ascending to the next rank.

4. Understanding The Feedback System
You can also tell when they started their shop and the amount of positive feedback they received throughout that time. For us, this feedback is very reliable. Every-time you purchase please check the feedback.
However, if there are no reviews of that particular product, you can check out the seller’s overall feedback by clicking on the seller’s rating (heart, diamond or crown). Scrolling down, you’ll see the feedback given by people who have bought any of the seller’s items. This gives you a grand idea of whether the seller is trustable or not, before you purchase an item from him/her.

5. Shipping
Most of Taobao sellers do not ship overseas due to the language barrier and the lack of experience on the subject. Hence you need us to help you collect your item in China, you can send to our warehouse and we will do arrangement for you.

In the process of purchase, you need to check the item is free domestic shipping service or chargeable. After the payment is made, most of the reseller will send the items within 24H or 72H.

Usually domestic shipment will take 3- 10 days to arrive warehouse house, and we will do necessary arrangement for you.

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