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August 5, 2013

Jetta Hybrid

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When the Jetta Hybrid arrived at my home, I took a look at the window sticker in the glove box and the headline from VW read: “The Hybrid for Turbo Fans.” That couldn’t be any truer.

VW took the hybrid concept a step further, making the already-popular Jetta a turbo/hybrid vehicle. It became available to the public in December 2012, so it’s new.

The 1.4L turbo engine and 16-volt electric motor, which produce 170 horsepower, combine with front-wheel drive to make this car great.

The power is dished out through a seven-speed automatic transmission, but there isn’t a normal tachometer like you may be used to seeing. It’s more like an “mpg gauge” where you can see exactly how efficient you are being with the accelerator. A typical hybrid display shows you where the energy is being applied at any given moment. This gauge is the only difference from a normal Jetta gauge cluster.

On the outside are some unique wheels that resemble turbine blades and “hybrid” badges on the front fenders. Up front are cool LED daytime running lights with adaptive HID headlamps and around back are LED tail lamps. All of the VW logos on the car have a thin blue ring behind them to distinguish this as a hybrid from the other VWs.

Inside is the same Jetta you’ve come to love and expect.

Comfortable seats, a good ride and decent handling are still staples of this midsized sedan. Driving around town you’ll find the hybrid is more “electric” than gas, but the gas engine seems to run a decent amount no matter what.

HID kit

Once you step on the throttle and head down an on-ramp you will feel why this car is going to be popular. The revs jump and the turbo spools to provide a solid push that takes you to highway speeds very quickly. Once at highway speed, the car maintains cruise control well and switches to EV mode when the terrain allows, saving you fuel.

In fact, any time you feel the need for extra power the turbo is within reach and the power transfer is fairly smooth. It helps to drive this hybrid a little more reserved than you would normally to squeeze all the MPG you possibly can.

I think this car will be well received for those looking to get decent mileage while standing out in the crowd and not sacrificing interior space or performance.

For the most part it resembles a Jetta GLI, has all the interior room — minus some trunk space where the batteries are located — and has a turbo engine with good power. I had some issues with the tire pressure monitor system light staying on when all the tires were inflated to the proper pressure.

VW rates the hybrid at 45 mpg combined, and I was able to manage 36 mpg with several trips into Pittsburgh and back to Beaver.

With the fuel tank being only 11.8 gallons, even at 36 mpg you will fill up frequently.

The sticker price is $31,975 which is on par with other hybrid cars, but the sleek exterior and great all-around performance may sway your opinion.

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